The TerraMaster F2 is a fantastic home NAS. This is great for first time NAS buyers as it has easy to configure features. The performance of the NAS is good for home use and home file sharing. This is a perfect addition to a home to have a personal cloud storage, home web server, as well as a media server. It has enough power to efficiently function as a home NAS. Utilizing gigabit internet it can handle multiple connections at the same time.

Even with a, admittingly terrible choice in hard drive, I was able to achieve around 10 MB/s Writes with 20-30 MB/S Read speeds.

The build quality of the NAS is surprising. Made out of aluminum, which helps both cool and weight, it feels premium. Also, it has a built in handle to easily transport the NAS.

Tcloud, the built in software, is easy to use and easy to configure. It allows; bittorrent downloads, file management, user quotas, and much more. Best of all, it is tremendously easy to use.

Please view the video for more in-depth review.

Terra-Master F2-NAS-2

Terra-Master F2-NAS-2



Build Quality




Configuration Options



  • Great Performance
  • Solid Build Quality
  • Plenty of options and features
  • Great Web interface with User manaagement
  • Plenty of RAID configurations and Encryption


  • Not really suitable for high traffic
  • TCloud is defaulted to be On

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