HAVIT Blue Mechanical Keyboard



HAVIT Blue Mechanical Keyboard

It is very important to have a keyboard that is both comfortable to use and delivers a nice tactile feedback while typing, as well as gaming. This is the reason why mechanical keyboards are so popular and used in professional gaming as well as programming circles. Unfortunately, mechanical keyboards come with a premium and don’t always deliver on the Quality standpoint. However, the HAVIT Blue Mechanical Keyboard is a relatively affordable (compared to more well-known brands) and it has spectacular build quality.

The first thing that I noticed while taking out the HAVIT Blue Mechanical Keyboard is the weight. The keyboard is quite heavy, and with further inspection, I found the source of the weight. The keyboard is constructed with what appears to be an aluminum frame! This is the first sign of great build quality, next, I took off one of the keys and lo-and-behold; each key is individually lighted up with an LED. The keys themselves are a textured plastic that feels amazing and produce just the right amount of tactile feedback and travel distance. They are solid and no means spongey. Keystrokes are defined and require deliberate presses.

They board features Blue lights that you have the ability to turn off. It also has some other function keys, such as media and the glorious Windows Key Disable function; for those critical gaming sessions.

Using the Keyboard was an absolute pleasure. I actually look to type more than I would normally in order to hear the satisfying click noises. Gaming is how you would expect, allowing me to press buttons rapidly and without fail. I feel incredibly accurate when using the HAVIT Blue Mechanical Keyboard, as I deliver 90+ WPMs steady, which I was not able to do with similar mechanical keyboards (most notably the Razer BlackWidow).

Let’s get to the bottom of this review. Would I recommend this keyboard? With an astonishing amount of confidence; YES! In fact, I would recommend this keyboard anyway of my old Razer Blackwidow. This Keyboard not only FEELS better, but the quality is exponentially better. Do yourself a favor, get the Havit Mechanical Keyboard.

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*DISCLAIMER: I received this product to review. This is my 100% honest Review*