Oasis Book Cover

Oasis BOok Cover

Oasis Review

Oasis (The Last Humans Book 1) is set in a dystopian world where Sin is something of the past. Humans live in “Paradise”. These settings for books have been popping up everywhere, especially with the popularity of The Hunger Games. But unlike the other books, Oasis is actually captivating. It is set in a world where you are not an adult till you are 40, which forces the youth to be, somewhat innocent.

The first line of the book is just swear words, that’s when I knew Oasis would be, at least, interesting to read. I did find that the book started a little slow, which can be overlooked since it is a Multi Book series and they need to set the stage. But the action does pick up and stays steady throughout the book, throwing in twists and turns, and quite honestly making you confused. The confusion, though, is a storytelling element,

I enjoyed the element of Phoe, pronounced Fee, and how she guides the young boy through the story as a guiding light. She is the source of knowledge.

The book is a compelling read, compelling enough to raise questions about our own society. It doesn’t fall for “dystopian future” tropes and provides an interesting read for all ages.


*I received an ARC for early review.*

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