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The H750 produces a great natural sound, but suffers, but a little bit of poor quality. However, for the price that the headset is, the lack of quality can be overlooked for greater sound quality.

I will start off with what I think shows a lack of quality. It is not a big deal, but the adjustment on the cusp of the headset, opens way too easy. It adjusts way too easily with no friction. Also, I am not too fond of the glossy plastic, it shows your fingerprints WAY to easy.

But, on the positive side, the ear cups are very cushioned. Edifier definitely focused on delivering high sound quality over the quality of the headset. Which at this price point, I don’t mind as long as I can fully enjoy the music that I am listening to. I’ll tell you what, I really do enjoy using the headset to listen to music. Bass isn’t overpowering like most headsets and the highs are crisp and not distorted at high volume.

Overall, I am happy with the sound quality that headphones produce and it definitely makes listening to music enjoyable. However, I believe these headsets are better suited towards an office environment. It provides decent sound isolation, good sound quality, but the quality leaves something to desire.

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Edifier H760

Edifier H760



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  • Comfortable
  • Tangle Free Cord
  • Foldable Design


  • Adjustment band loose

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