AGPTek Roar Headphone Amplifier

AGPTek Roar Headphone Amplifier




The AGPTek Roar Headphone Amplifier is a pretty surprising little amplifier. It is extremely portable amplifier that increases the “quality” and how loud you can listen to your music.

I put quotes around quality, because audio is VERY opinion based. To me personally, I didn’t notice an incredible increase in quality. I did notice however that I was able to play my music louder with a little to none distortion. However, your miles may vary, and you may actually notice an increase in the quality of your audio streams.

The build quality of the Roar is quite impressive. It is in an aluminum casing that feels pretty solid. Keep in mind the Roar is designed to allow interference, so I would keep it away from anything that produces a signal, ie your Cellphone.

Overall, I was quite impressed with the Roar and how loud it made listening to my music. Again, I personally didn’t notice a huge improvement to quality, but you may. For the price, you will be hard pressed to find an equal in portable headphone amplifiers. I will note that the battery does last a while, as it lasted a couple days of use without needed a charge at all.

*Disclaimer: I received this at a discount. This is 100% my own opinion*


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Edifier H750 Review

Edifier H750

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Edifier H750 Review


The H750 produces a great natural sound, but suffers, but a little bit of poor quality. However, for the price that the headset is, the lack of quality can be overlooked for greater sound quality.

I will start off with what I think shows a lack of quality. It is not a big deal, but the adjustment on the cusp of the headset, opens way too easy. It adjusts way too easily with no friction. Also, I am not too fond of the glossy plastic, it shows your fingerprints WAY to easy.

But, on the positive side, the ear cups are very cushioned. Edifier definitely focused on delivering high sound quality over the quality of the headset. Which at this price point, I don’t mind as long as I can fully enjoy the music that I am listening to. I’ll tell you what, I really do enjoy using the headset to listen to music. Bass isn’t overpowering like most headsets and the highs are crisp and not distorted at high volume.

Overall, I am happy with the sound quality that headphones produce and it definitely makes listening to music enjoyable. However, I believe these headsets are better suited towards an office environment. It provides decent sound isolation, good sound quality, but the quality leaves something to desire.

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Nyrius Smart Outlet Review

Nyrius Smart Outlet
Nyrius Smart outlet


To begin this review, the Nyrius Smart Outlet is a great device to have, but it is not without its quirks. However, if you look past the quirks you will be extremely happy with your purchase. Having the ability to remotely turn on/off devices and lights is extremely useful, but definitely not as useful as the schedules.

Scheduling lights or devices is extremely helpful, I use it when I leave for vacation. I was looking for a device like this for a while that allowed me to schedule dates and times to turn on lights as well as having a proximity sensor on them.

The software can use a little work, as well as bringing both the light and outlet apps together in one HOME application. That would be kind of helpful.

Build quality is really good. The outlet is heavy, but not too heavy, and definitely doesn’t feel cheap and hollow. It is a grounded plug which helps for larger devices as well.

I did have a connection issue with my phone, but I don’t know if it is due to software or hardware. It didn’t really bother me that much since I only encountered it once. But I thought I should mention it.

One thing I would like to request, is a Analytical feature on power draw. That could be helpful.

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Quickie – Oasis (The Last Humans Book 1)

Oasis Book Cover

Oasis BOok Cover

Oasis Review

Oasis (The Last Humans Book 1) is set in a dystopian world where Sin is something of the past. Humans live in “Paradise”. These settings for books have been popping up everywhere, especially with the popularity of The Hunger Games. But unlike the other books, Oasis is actually captivating. It is set in a world where you are not an adult till you are 40, which forces the youth to be, somewhat innocent.

The first line of the book is just swear words, that’s when I knew Oasis would be, at least, interesting to read. I did find that the book started a little slow, which can be overlooked since it is a Multi Book series and they need to set the stage. But the action does pick up and stays steady throughout the book, throwing in twists and turns, and quite honestly making you confused. The confusion, though, is a storytelling element,

I enjoyed the element of Phoe, pronounced Fee, and how she guides the young boy through the story as a guiding light. She is the source of knowledge.

The book is a compelling read, compelling enough to raise questions about our own society. It doesn’t fall for “dystopian future” tropes and provides an interesting read for all ages.


*I received an ARC for early review.*

HAVIT Blue Mechanical Keyboard



HAVIT Blue Mechanical Keyboard

It is very important to have a keyboard that is both comfortable to use and delivers a nice tactile feedback while typing, as well as gaming. This is the reason why mechanical keyboards are so popular and used in professional gaming as well as programming circles. Unfortunately, mechanical keyboards come with a premium and don’t always deliver on the Quality standpoint. However, the HAVIT Blue Mechanical Keyboard is a relatively affordable (compared to more well-known brands) and it has spectacular build quality.

The first thing that I noticed while taking out the HAVIT Blue Mechanical Keyboard is the weight. The keyboard is quite heavy, and with further inspection, I found the source of the weight. The keyboard is constructed with what appears to be an aluminum frame! This is the first sign of great build quality, next, I took off one of the keys and lo-and-behold; each key is individually lighted up with an LED. The keys themselves are a textured plastic that feels amazing and produce just the right amount of tactile feedback and travel distance. They are solid and no means spongey. Keystrokes are defined and require deliberate presses.

They board features Blue lights that you have the ability to turn off. It also has some other function keys, such as media and the glorious Windows Key Disable function; for those critical gaming sessions.

Using the Keyboard was an absolute pleasure. I actually look to type more than I would normally in order to hear the satisfying click noises. Gaming is how you would expect, allowing me to press buttons rapidly and without fail. I feel incredibly accurate when using the HAVIT Blue Mechanical Keyboard, as I deliver 90+ WPMs steady, which I was not able to do with similar mechanical keyboards (most notably the Razer BlackWidow).

Let’s get to the bottom of this review. Would I recommend this keyboard? With an astonishing amount of confidence; YES! In fact, I would recommend this keyboard anyway of my old Razer Blackwidow. This Keyboard not only FEELS better, but the quality is exponentially better. Do yourself a favor, get the Havit Mechanical Keyboard.

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*DISCLAIMER: I received this product to review. This is my 100% honest Review*

AngLink 5 Port USB and Qi


What sets this charger apart from the rest is that it is Qi compliant. The top of the charger doubles as a wireless charging station as well.

This is perfect for a bedside table charging solution. This allows multiple devices, up to 5, to charge simultaneously. As well as having the ability to charge for any wireless phone that supports it such as my galaxy s6.

How’s the device feel? Well, it definitely is solid. It fits in the palm of your hand and weighs roughly as much as Galaxy Note in a case. Not much at all. It has rubber feet on the bottom to prevent it from sliding around a surface that works fairly well.

I am glad to report that I was able to charge 2 tablets and 2 phones at the same time and each were charged in very respectable times. Just about as fast as a dedicated wall charger. I was very happy with charging my devices up within an hour and a half.

Terra-Master F2-NAS-2


The TerraMaster F2 is a fantastic home NAS. This is great for first time NAS buyers as it has easy to configure features. The performance of the NAS is good for home use and home file sharing. This is a perfect addition to a home to have a personal cloud storage, home web server, as well as a media server. It has enough power to efficiently function as a home NAS. Utilizing gigabit internet it can handle multiple connections at the same time.

Even with a, admittingly terrible choice in hard drive, I was able to achieve around 10 MB/s Writes with 20-30 MB/S Read speeds.

The build quality of the NAS is surprising. Made out of aluminum, which helps both cool and weight, it feels premium. Also, it has a built in handle to easily transport the NAS.

Tcloud, the built in software, is easy to use and easy to configure. It allows; bittorrent downloads, file management, user quotas, and much more. Best of all, it is tremendously easy to use.

Please view the video for more in-depth review.

CHOETECH Iron Stand QI Wireless Charging Pad

The Aluminum stand is incredibly sturdy as well as stylish. The ChoeTech Iron Wireless charger stand is amazing and a great buy. I love the fact that I can place my device either horizontal or vertical and still be able to charge the phone. This allows viewing movies while I am working and not worry about my charge.

Charging actually took a shorter amount of time than I was expecting. Requiring close to 2 hours to completely charge my phone from 0%.

One thing I didn’t really like was the fact that the USB cord plugs into the right side of the charger, kinda ruins it aesthetically. But, other than that it is wonderful