Lendee is the smart and easy way to manage lent items! Everyone lets friends and families borrow toys and other items. Lendee is the smart tool to keep track of everyone and everything that you have let borrowed.

Never forget an item again!

You ever have that friend that always asks to borrow your things? Then LENDEE is your app! That same friend never return your items? Then LENDEE is your app!

Lendee will make EVERYONE accountable for what they have borrowed. It is just up to you to enter the information and get your items back!!!

– Smart and clean list of all items lent
– Detailed View
– Add pictures to items




University of West Florida Mobile Application

As a Honors These and Capstone project I created an easy way for students to get the information they want from a Mobile Application. The school was lacking an application for students to easily access class schedules, the campus map, grades, etc. I filled the gap with a cross-platform iOS and Android application that brought the my.uwf.edu features in an easy to use application.