AGPTek Roar Headphone Amplifier




The AGPTek Roar Headphone Amplifier is a pretty surprising little amplifier. It is extremely portable amplifier that increases the “quality” and how loud you can listen to your music.

I put quotes around quality, because audio is VERY opinion based. To me personally, I didn’t notice an incredible increase in quality. I did notice however that I was able to play my music louder with a little to none distortion. However, your miles may vary, and you may actually notice an increase in the quality of your audio streams.

The build quality of the Roar is quite impressive. It is in an aluminum casing that feels pretty solid. Keep in mind the Roar is designed to allow interference, so I would keep it away from anything that produces a signal, ie your Cellphone.

Overall, I was quite impressed with the Roar and how loud it made listening to my music. Again, I personally didn’t notice a huge improvement to quality, but you may. For the price, you will be hard pressed to find an equal in portable headphone amplifiers. I will note that the battery does last a while, as it lasted a couple days of use without needed a charge at all.

*Disclaimer: I received this at a discount. This is 100% my own opinion*


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AGPTek Roar

AGPTek Roar





Battery Life



  • Makes music LOUD
  • Easy to use
  • Increase your bass output
  • Potential to increase quality of music


  • Interference

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